Friday, February 20, 2009

Case Study

Case Study:

Posting entries on a blog is usually a pleasant activity and some people managed to do a real business out of it. However, publishing messages on a blog sometimes may bring you more trouble than you have ever expected according to recent reports concerning a blogger who may go to jail due to comments posted on his blog. The 24-year-old Chinese man who put racist comments on his blog may spend up to three years in prison, the Singapore Police Force said in a statement. However, he may only get fined because he has already admitted he was wrong when he posted the comments online and said he'd publish a public apology.The Chinese man was arrested at his home in Paya Lebar Way while his computer, suspected of being used for posting the comments on the blog, was also seized. The Singapore Police Force said that the maximum punishment for such an action is three years in prison.It seems like the blogger's remarks concerned a man met in the Singaporean public transportation system but no information about his race was made public. Moreover, the Singapore police didn't reveal the name of the blog, so we can't know for sure whether it was already closed or not.The Singapore Police Force officials underlined the fact that such comments must be stopped because they are considered illegal and residents who post such content on the web may get in serious trouble as the authorities are always ready to take attitude against them.

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