Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogging safely

Tips to blog safely:
Listed below are some tips on how you can blog safely:

1) Do not reveal your gender and age.
Most online stalkers target young female bloggers to be their victims.
2) Do not have an online profile.
Personal details stated in online profiles may provide insight into physical locations and habits. These personal information may assist someone interested in pursuing you.
3) Post anonymously and practice selective disclosure of information.
Posting a blog anonymously will help protect you from unwanted attention. There is no need to tell a lie in order to protect yourself. You become a liar if you habitually tell lies.
4) Avoid personal or identifying details.
Do not post about locations that you will be or about areas you live near.
5) No photos.
Refrain from posting a picture. This will protect you from unwanted attention.
6) Avoid inappropriate dialogue.
Engagement in dialogue can be interpreted in a way that it was not intended. If the dialogue makes you feel uncomfortable, disengage from the dialogue and refrain from further posting.

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