Friday, February 20, 2009

CW Tips

Cyber Wellness Tips:

1)Be Street-Smart
While the net has many positive uses, you need to learn to be street-smart and avoid the dangers. This is important because parents cannot protect you like in the real world!
2)Be Responsible and Respectful
The internet is a powerful tool because we can reach and influence millions directly. Therefore, it is important for every user to be responsible and treat others with respect.
3)Achieve Balance
Use the Net with balance to enhance your real life and not to replace it.
4)Embrace Inspirational use of Internet
Embrace inspirational use of the Internet as technology can improve the society when used appropriately.

Take note that you should have a COOL identity!
COOL stands for:
-Cannot reveal Gender and Age
-Out of this world
-Something that you Like

Any information revealed online is PUBLIC! Once you placed the information online, it is:
-Freely accessible to any one
-Not within your control

Practice SELECTIVE DISCLOSURE of information. There is no need to lie in order to protect yourself. You become a liar if you habitually tell lies!

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